The Corruption

Bill (William) Majcher is a former member of Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who is now working as a bounty hunter on behalf of the Chinese Government. He claims to be an expert in international securities fraud, which must be why he is so effective at helping companies commit fraud.

When Bill Majcher was a cop, concerns about his corruption led to his suspension. Since leaving the police, he's been involved in several shady enterprises. He's helped companies like GNET GROUP PLC bilk investors out of millions of dollars. It's only a matter of time before his shady dealings catch up with him.

Please read more, do your research, and contact me if you have any further information.

This corruption needs to end.

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Bill Majcher - Timeline
With all the recent discussions about Money Laundering in Canada, I thought it would be a good time to bring up the fact that Bill Majcher, the former head of BC's Integrated Market Enforcement Team, now works on behalf of the Chinese. Keep reading, it gets better. #VANRE

The Judge

Internal Affairs

In 2005, Majcher was suspended and removed as head of the IMTF for running for political office without taking the required leave, and "other unspecified issues". Majcher also attempted to ink a movie deal (while a cop) with a convicted felon, who he put behind bars for 15 months Bill Majcher - Internal Affairs


Interestingly, the source of the above information at was RECENTLY taken down, however, it is available on the Archive #Interestingtiming
After leaving the force, Majcher got involved in some pretty shady companies. Below is an up to date list of all the companies that Majcher is affiliated with. Bill Majcher's companiesBill Majcher's other companies

Project Dragon

In regards to his association with the #CCP Chinese Ministry of Public Security, Majcher was featured in a documentary called #projectdragon @4corners, where he answered this question very carefully, almost as if it was scripted. Bill Majcher and Project Dragon
Bill Majcher claims that he will get money back for #CCP "as long as the claim is valid, as long as we do everything legal and legitimate". Look at his past and now he is working in one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Why believe what he is doing now is legitimate?


Bill Majcher: Cozy with the Chinese Government and corrupt business leaders, and happy to help them defraud innocent Chinese people out of their life savings. Taking everything he learned as a money laundering cop in Canada to help autocrats and scammers. What a Canadian hero! Bill Majcher and Xi Jinping
Thanks to a tip from a concerned citizen, there is info suggesting Majcher was involved in a massive fraud scheme. #OSINT #Bellingcat #offshoreleaks Bill Majcher's affiliations
Now, thanks to @icijorg and the #PanamaPapers, we bring you Majcher's involvement with GNET Group PLC, which @MajcherBill was a director of, and defrauded a lot of working people out of their money through a Ponzi/Pyramid/fraud scheme. Keep reading...#CORRUPTION #offshoreleaks Bill Majcher's other affiliations
GNET has been criticized as a fraud by many news sources, including Chinese newspaper Southern Weekly, as a Ponzi scheme wrapped in a pyramid scheme that dupes small, unsophisticated investors of their savings. I wonder what expert devised that plan?
Here is the scam: GNET was made up of a group of wealthy Chinese investors. In March 2015, 7 months after @MajcherBill joined the company, the co-founder, Michael (Jun) Zhu, bought up shares of a UK company called Gate Ventures, which traded on the UK AIM under GATE <-- Important
Who is Michael Zhu? He's a buddy of Bill Majcher and a big player in China. He and Majcher are still directors of Yorkshine Holdings LTD ( Who knows what else these two are drumming up? Michael Zhu
Gate Ventures (GV) had no business ties to GNET, but they traded by the name GATE, which some suspect was how they were able to dupe the Chinese GNET investors into thinking GNET was going public. GNET even held an investor day on March 28, 2015, the same month GV went public.
Gate Ventures was made up of 10 shareholders, each with 8.75% stake. 8/10 companies were owned by high net worth Chinese investors, who invested through carefully constructed BVI shell companies...
Reminds me of when Bill Majcher was talking about Jurisdiction=Freedom. That guy sure can advise a company on how to best commit fraud and not get caught! Listen to this podcast he did in Toronto Bill Majcher talking about freedom
Back to the GNET scam - Between March - June 2015, Gate Ventures's stock surged 3050%, and Michael (Jun) Zhu increased his stake at GV to 17%. Bill Majcher Meme
At the end of June 2015, the company's regulator unexpectedly resigned, the stock was then delisted, the shareholders were trapped, and GNET investors were duped! Thanks Bill!

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